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Acura AC Compressor


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Air conditioning compressor is the heart of the your Acura's AC system. It is one of the two junctions which divides high and low pressure sides of the system. Basically it is a mechanical pump driven by the serpentine drive belt or its individual belt. In a closed loop system, the main function of the compressor is to control the flow of refrigerant. This flow forms a loop starting from the low pressure side of the AC system to the high pressure side and back to the low pressure side. The working of the air conditioning compressor is very simple and easy to understand. Your Acura air conditioning compressor sucks hot refrigerant from the evaporator, compresses it into high pressure gas and discharges it to the condenser for cooling. On cooling, the compressor forces the refrigerant back to the evaporator. now offers direct to the public Acura A/C Compressor, Air Conditioning Condenser, Air Conditioning Evaporator at prices well below list.

We offer Acura AC Compressor units with an industry leading warranty and oustanding customer service. We provide the highest quality OEM Acura AC Compressors as well as reliable aftermarket Acura AC Compressor units. Our inventory is packed with brand new Acura AC Compressor ready to fly off the shelf.

All of our Acura AC Compressor come with a one year unlimited mileage warranty in addition to free ground shipping. We will match any competitor's price on Acura AC Compressor. To properly restore your Acura AC system, purchase a brand new Acura AC Compressor and AC Drier.

Acura is known as the first luxury Japanese car brand to hit the U.S. market in the mid 1980's. Attention to detail in design and functionality has become a staple of Acura vehicles. Acura prides itself on forward thinking, innovative structural design and precision manufacturing. Acura cars and suv's are also known for their outstanding high
resale value.

When you sense some problem with your Acura air conditioning compressor then you need to look for replacement. At 1airconditioning you can find quality and genuine air conditioning parts that are tested to meet the quality standards of the industry. You can also call us toll free and speak to our industry experts today.

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