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Air conditioning compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system in your Saturn. The main role of this mechanical pump is to control the flow of refrigerant to the different parts of the system to cool the interiors of your Saturn. The Saturn air conditioning compressor is driven by a belt also known as the AC compressor pulley. The pulley is engaged and disengaged to the AC compressor with the help of an electromagnetic clutch. The air conditioning compressor also separates the high pressure and the low pressure sides of the system. It is one of the two areas where this division occurs. To pump the refrigerant in a closed loop system, your Saturn air conditioning compressor pulls it from the low pressure evaporator, compresses and pumps it at high pressure to the condenser. If your Saturn air conditioning compressor is not working properly, you need to find a replacement at the earliest.

You can find brand new quality, affordable Saturn AC Compressor at 1 Air Conditioning. We have OEM Saturn AC Compressor units and new aftermarket Saturn AC Compressor units at the lowest prices. All of our Saturn AC Compressor units have a full one year warranty and come with free shipping.

Saturn cars were created as a repsonse to the successful Japanese import market. Saturn was supposed to be a different kind of car company that put people first. Saturn even operated outside of the GM conglomerate having a seperate retailer network and seperate plant in Tennessee. The Saturn brand was phased out starting in 2008 amidst GM extreme financial hardship.

At 1 Air Conditioning you can find quality AC replacement parts at affordable prices. Just select the year and the model of your Saturn and you can find OEM replacement parts listed from our online catalog. All the parts we sell are tested to meet the industry's quality standards and are offered to you at discount prices.

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