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Can you just imagine a situation when your Suzuki air conditioning system stops working and you start getting hot air out of your blower. It is a very embarrassing situation. It should never happen to anyone in the middle of a long drive. It is really important to check whether the air conditioning system is in perfect working condition when you take your Suzuki on a long drive. The air conditioning system in your Suzuki has got important parts like the compressor, the condenser, the receiver-drier, thermostatic expansion valve, the evaporator and so on. Among these parts, the Suzuki air conditioning compressor is considered the heart of the AC system. It has got a main function of controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout the AC system. Suzuki air conditioning compressor is one of the two junctions where the high pressure and the low pressure sides of the AC system are separated. The Suzuki air conditioning compressor sucks the refrigerant from the low pressure side, compresses and pumps it at high pressure to the condenser in a closed loop system.

We offer AC Compressor for Suzuki Esteem AC Compressor, Suzuki Forsa AC Compressor, Suzuki Grand Vitara AC Compressor, Suzuki Lj80 AC Compressor, Suzuki Lj81 AC Compressor, Suzuki Sa310 AC Compressor, Suzuki Samurai AC Compressor, Suzuki Sidekick AC Compressor, Suzuki Sj140 AC Compressor, Suzuki Sj410 AC Compressor, Suzuki Sj413 AC Compressor, Suzuki Swift AC Compressor, Suzuki Vitara AC Compressor, Suzuki X-90 and Suzuki XL-7. We sell auto AC Compressor at the lowest prices guaranteed and all of our auto AC Compressor come with Free Shipping.

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