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How Volkswagen AC Compressors work:

When it comes to driving on a hot humid day, the need of air conditioning system is inevitable. In the air conditioning system, the role of Volkswagen AC compressor is to control the flow of refrigerant to the entire system. The compressor is a mechanical pump driven by AC compressor pulley. The pulley is engaged and disengaged to your Volkswagen AC compressor with the help of electromagnetic clutch. The low pressure refrigerant drawn from the evaporator is compressed and pumped at high pressure into the condenser by the AC compressor. When you hear belt-slipping noise or if you sense some clutch burning smell under the dash, you need to check the working condition of your Volkswagen AC compressor.

The OEM Volkswagen AC Compressor can be found at 1 Air Conditioning at the lowest price. We also carry a full line of new aftermarket Volkswagen AC Compressor units. All of the brand new Volkswagen AC Compressor units we offer come with free shipping and a one year unlimited mileage warranty.

Volkswagen means people's car in German which is why these cars were originally built, the object was to design a car for everybody. Volkswagen is the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe. The Volkswagen "Beetle" is considered by many to be the most successful car design in history. Today Volkswagen produces many models including the popular Jetta and Passat.

We have Volkswagen AC Compressor units for all models including Volkswagen Beetle AC Compressor units, Volkswagen Fox AC Compressor units, Volkswagen Jetta AC Compressor units, Volkswagen Passat AC Compressor units and Volkswagen Van AC Compressor units.

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