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How a Volvo AC compressor works:

The brand Volvo is well known for its powerful and performance-oriented vehicles. Along with performance, driving and passenger comfort is also unmatchable in Volvo. When it comes to interior sophistication, air conditioning system has got a vital role to play. The Volvo AC compressor is a mechanical pump driven by a belt connected to the engine. The belt is otherwise known as the AC compressor pulley. The pulley is engaged and disengaged to the compressor with the help of an electromagnetic clutch. In a closed loop system, the Volvo AC compressor plays a very important function of controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. The role of the Volvo AC compressor is to draw the refrigerant from the evaporator in low pressure side, compress and pump at high pressure to the condenser.

We have all of the new Volvo AC Compressor unit you may need at the lowest price you can find. A full one year unlimited mileage comes with every new OEM or aftermarket Volvo AC Compressor we have. Every Volvo AC Compressor we sell comes with free ground shipping.

Volvo is a Swedish car builder that produced its first car in 1927. The original vision of Volvo was to build cars that could last in the cold temperatures and rough terrain of Sweden. Volvo has positioned itself as a practical affluent car brand with emphasis on safety.

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